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Amigos with Mike Finoia

Oct 16, 2019

Ryan Stasik returns to Amigos for another round. The bassist of Umphrey's McGee, Doom Flamingo, & Omega Moo chats with Mike about hoarding, ghosts, comedy specials, writing new material with his brothers in UM, and much much more. 

Ryan's many musical projects are charging ahead at full steam, so check out everything...

Oct 2, 2019

Fall is here, a nip is in the air, and Mike is busy. In this episode we catch up on touring with Dave Attell, magic moments on stage, working on the Impractical Jokers, the many projects in the works, and the loss of Robert Hunter. Lots of great things in store for the Amigo's, so thanks for listening and stay tuned! 

Sep 25, 2019

Mike is joined by Brent Gill, LA comedian by way of Colorado. Brent and Mike have been buddies for years, and they catch up on Brent's visit to NYC. 

The two discuss avoiding comfort, fear of doing Improv, moving, and service animals.

Follow Brent, subscribe to the pod, share & enjoy! 

Sep 11, 2019

After a long summer on the road, Mike is back in NYC, ready to hunker  down for a fall full of standup and live music. 

In this episode, Mike recaps his itinerant summer, eating like a piece of garbage in casinos, VRBO disasters, doing standup at a legendary Hollywood club, and much more. Mike also shares a...

Aug 21, 2019

This week Mike talks Psychedelic Therapy with comedian Ari Shaffir and Dr. Will Siu, founder of Kura NYC. Ari & Mike, veteran mAcrodosers talk with the good doctor about the benefits of MDMA & Ketamine assisted psychotherapy, Big Pharma, and setting intentions for a life in the present moment. 

Check out Ari's podcast...